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About Sarah'sVillage

Sarah's Village Foundation is a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization with the mission to “Be kind and help others” by promoting wellness and eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness, while reducing the rate of suicide of 13 to 24-year-old people in our communities across Massachusetts and the United States. We strive to spend 100% of the funds raised in the communities we serve while communicating our objectives and impact regularly with Sarah's Village members. We foster a learning environment that adheres to our guidelines for diversity and inclusion.


Meet The Team


Mark Bresnahan

Founding Member/President


Cynthia Bresnahan

Founding Member/Secretary

TMB Headshot.jpg

Thomas Bresnahan

Founding Member/Treasurer


Mollie Berner

Founding Member/Director of Communications


Katerina Bressette

Board Member


Lisa Daley

Board Member


Michele Lee

Board Member


Tanya Benoit Delisle

Board Member

Mekler, Kari.jpg

Kari Mekler

Honorary Board Member

Remember Sarah

Remembering Sarah

A loving daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend, Sarah Vita Bresnahan is the inspiration behind Sarah’s Village Foundation and its concepts of “Being kind and helping others”. The Foundation is committed to carrying on Sarah’s light, beauty, and all of her wonderful characteristics such as love of family and friends, tradition, travel, compassion, caring, thirst for learning, hard work, cooking, and dance. We had no idea Sarah was suffering from a mental illness, and she left us a note saying, “I know I can get help, but I choose not to get it because I don’t want people looking at me differently for the rest of my life.” This is why our mission is PERfect (our humble, unbiased opinion)

  • Promote wellness,

  • Eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness, and

  • Reduce the rate of suicide in our communities, Massachusetts, and across the United States.

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