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Epione Counseling Services


Sarah's Village Foundation has stepped up to fund an initiative that provides counseling for Norton students in need through the Epione Health and Wellness Center. These services will be provided to students that are unable to otherwise receive counseling due to lack of family insurance coverage, or if they are in immediate need and on a waitlist for other agencies and a wait is determined as a concern for their mental health or needs.


This program was originally grant-funded, but since the original grant ran out SVF has stepped in to fund and  continue the vital program that will support an estimated 16 students a year.

Epione After School Program


SVF is proud to partner with the Epione Health & Wellness Center, Easton Public Schools, and Norton Public Schools to fund an in school program series for students focused on reducing stress and increasing success. This stress management seminar will support students with achieving a healthy balance as it relates to various stressors.


This series was successfully run in Norton High School and Easton's Oliver Ames High School during the 21'-22' school year, and is being implemented in the Norton Middle School and  Oliver Ames High School in the 22'-23' school year.

ECAT Feature


Founding Member Mark Bresnahan was featured in Easton Community Access Television (ECAT)'s Community Forum Series to share the story of Sarah's Village Foundation. In walking along the road of eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness, it's important to remember, "It's OK to not be OK, and to go out and talk about it." Join us in talking, learning, and supporting one another.

Click the video to the right to check out a highlight reel, or you can watch the full interview on Youtube here to learn about the journey of the Village, as we tell Sarah's story with love and kindness.

John Trautwein Presentation


Will to Live Foundation founder John Trautwein spoke to over 2,000 students and 150 parents on 3/13/19 about the importance of eliminating the stigma, making life teammates, and giving out a “Love Ya Man” every day. Wes Paul, principal of Oliver Ames High School, said it was the first time in his 20+ year career that a speaker had received a standing ovation from students. This day was PERfect.


AFSP Easton Walk


Since September of 2017, Sarah's Village has participated in six AFSP Out of the Darkness community walks in Easton. These walks combined have had over 2,800 total participants and raised over $400K. Mark has co-chaired one walk and chaired three others while other Sarah’s Village members have been walk committee members and volunteered in a variety of other positions. Sarah’s Village alone has raised a total of over $116K and averages over 150 participants in each walk. The walk aligns PERfectly with our mission.

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