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About Sarah'sVillage

Sarah's Village Foundation is a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization with a PERfect Mission:

  • Promote wellness

  • Eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness

  • Reduce the rate of suicide of young people in our communities, Massachusetts and across the United States

Our Journey

Cynthia and Mark Bresnahan established Sarah’s Village in honor of their daughter Sarah who died by suicide on 4/6/17. Their son Thomas and his fiancé Mollie Berner have joined the Village as founding members.

Like many young people, Sarah hid her mental illness well and tried to navigate life without professional help or a plan to address her mental illness. She left us a note and part of the note said, “I know I can get help, but I chose not to. I don’t want people looking at me differently for the rest of my life.” This statement is a powerful part of the motivation for our mission.

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